Words And Their Impact.

As we start the year 2017, let’s make sure to breathe and speak positivity into our lives. The tongue is truly a powerful sword. It can speak words that can truly cut, heal, uplift, hurt and/or destroy people. Let’s focus on the the effects it can have upon you. Oftentimes we take what we say for granted. What you say out loud is an affirmation, which has a way of programming your mind to believe that stated concept/idea. 

It becomes something you’re holding yourself to..

Speaking negatively and saying ill words from your own mouth will only lead you to bring it to fruition. If you say and believe you won’t succeed THEN YOU WON’T.

“A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit.” – use your tongue to be a tree of life onto YOURSELF. Speak only great things into existence such as, “I will succeed,” “I can do it,” “You will conquer that course,” and “I will win.”

I challenge you this year to say ONE positive affirmation about yourself daily.

  1. Each day say something positive about yourself and your future
  2. Do this in the morning, to start your day off right and keep you in a positive mind state to accomplish said affirmation
  3. If necessary, write and say the same affirmation multiple times until it becomes a reality (and it will, just trust and believe in yourself)

Manipulate your mind into believing the things you wish for yourself, simply by saying it daily. Push yourself to do so, because your affirmations and a positive mind coupled with hard work will surely take you there.

Finally, with the use of my own tongue, I put into the universe that your dreams and destiny will manifest and that your journey will not only be colorful but fruitful. Your success will be magnificent and your story will be blessed.
Peace, love and positivity.   

2 thoughts on “Words And Their Impact.

  1. I agree words have a great positive or negative impact in your daily life activity.
    Thanks for the new year’s advice.
    Reading from you daily just perks me up to make the best of the day ahead.
    Thank you and I love to read from you daily.


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