What’s Your Truth?

Why are you so damn afraid to love yourself ?

Why can’t you genuinely be happy with who you are? Why are you waiting for someone to love, accept or validate you? Why are you so blind to all that makes you beautiful?

Do you realize that you have the utmost honor and pleasure of being you? In the 7 billion people walking this earth (thank you, google), there is absolutely NO ONE else who could ever be you. Like, seriously, NO ONE! You are wonderfully and beautifully made. There is absolutely no one on this planet who looks exactly like you, walks exactly like you, talks exactly like you, thinks exactly like you, or dreams exactly like you. Have you seriously thought about how amazing that is.

OPEN YOUR EYES and take solace in all your greatness and in all that makes you different.


TRUTH: Say 3 things about yourself that you love.

DARE: I dare you to post a selfie and title it #Selfielove #AskAdeolaMadeMeDoIt (lmaoo no need for the last hashtag, unless you want to). Laugh, smile, make a funny face in this picture, let this picture embrace all that is you!

  • Think you have a big forehead? Make sure you show it in the picture! 😜
  • Don’t like your smile or teeth? Embrace the hell of them! Smile!!!!! 😁
  • Think you’re funny looking? Show us a funny face! 🤡
  • Think you’re ugly? Go out into the sunlight or good lighting and shine light on all that is you! 😍
  • #SelfieLove #EmbracingAllThatIsMe #AskAdeolaMadeMeDoIt

Don’t Forget: Take time each day to love yourself! You are Greatness, Magic, Courage, Beauty and Strength boiled into one.  💕

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