Sitting on the train today and I saw this guy who was clearly on drugs and had given up on life and all I could think was when did it die? When did he die? When did he give up? When did he fall victim to “well I’ll use this to dull the pain?” When did someone tell him that his dreams weren’t valid? When was he pushed down and undermined? When did it all fall apart? When did he stop fighting, hustling and pushing?

Literally with a tear in my eye, I write this message because I want to remind you all that you MUST KEEP PUSHING. Sum up the courage and strength to get it done. Muster up the grit and create a hustler mindset and if you believe you can, trust me, you CAN and you WILL. Things happen in time. It’s patience you must have. It’s faith. If not in yourself, then God. I know the road is hard, shit it’s damn near scary, but I know if you’ve gotten this far then you’re that much closer. You did not come this far to give it all up. I implore you, keep pushing, keep fighting and DON’T YOU EVER STOP.

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